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Content creation should be simple.

At Cammunity, we offer peer-to-peer camera equipment rental, location hire and crew resources all within one, fully integrated solution.

Our end goal is to become the go-to online resource where you can find anything you might need for all your filming needs.



Cammunity is a specialist hub for creatives, where members connect and benefit from secure peer-to-peer camera and equipment rental.

Those looking to produce their project can do so affordably, whilst networking locally through a reliable platform made for the industry, by the industry.


  • Local accessible equipment: Discover others in your area and borrow their available equipment. Avoid hire companies and help support local freelancers.
  • Low cost: Professional equipment, made affordable. With Cammunity, lenders set their own price, and borrowers save money on the gear they want.
  • Total peace of mind: Camera and accessory insurance is provided by our partners at photoGuard. If you already have cover from another provider, that’s cool too.
  • Verified members: With ID identification and live member-reviews, we ensure that our members are responsible and trustworthy.


Exciting freelance work (and great freelancers!) shouldn’t be that hard to find, so long as you’re searching in the right place.

Here at Cammunity, we’re passionate about creating opportunities for your portfolio and helping project managers to get things done.


  • Experience: Discover fantastic opportunities which can help to elevate your portfolio. Develop your skillset whilst getting paid at the same time!
  • Networking: Make new connections which can revolutionise your career and open up new doors.
  • Security: We’ll always make sure the jobs are posted from verified members, and contain all the key information you need to know.
  • Flexibility: Negotiate a rate which works for both of you so you’re both jumping for joy!


The best content should be created at the best possible location.

Use Cammunity to maximise the impact of your work, through booking some truly unforgettable places for your next shoot. If you’re a landlord, make money from your location and enable creatives to succeed through sharing some amazing vantage points and backdrops!


  • Exploration: Discover amazing locations around the corner and get to know your area like you’ve never seen it before.
  • Simplicity: Why go through a long-winded process to reach a simple destination? Simply select the space your after, book the time needed and get ready to start creating!
  • Security: We ensure all our locations and members are verified, and make sure they provide precise specifications alongside mandatory photos as part of the listing.


When it comes to freelancing, we understand that proven experience is paramount.

That’s why Cammunity offers an inbuilt portfolio for members to showcase their best work and share this with the wider community. Use our portfolio feature to record your achievements, boost your credibility and grow your network.


  • Simplicity: Why leave Cammunity to see evidence of your prospect’s experience? Through searching under their verified profile, you can be sure of what they’ve achieved on one integrated website.
  • Accreditation: The portfolio offers an invaluable chance to show just how talented you are to the creative industry; don’t miss out on all the jobs and opportunities which will follow!
  • Variety: Our platform will allow you to upload a whole range of videos and imagery and you’ll have your work at hand to prove your competency for any project.



We're specialists

Become part of a loyal network which relies on our expertise and the connections you’ll develop. We offer you dedicated support and industry-relevant features which connect you to the right people, locations and job opportunities.


You save

Is your project balancing precariously on a shoe-string budget? Well, you can find more affordable gear and locations here. There’s even the potential to buy equipment outright!


We connect

Use our platform to harness like-minded peers and expand your team of creatives, so you’re better prepared to storm the battlements of the difficult production process. Build your portfolio through pursuing exciting jobs local to you, so you can platform and showcase your professional development.


You earn

Is your equipment gathering dust? Well why not make a little extra money by lending it out? You can also sell any gear you don’t use anymore too.


We're sustainable

Electrical equipment is the UK’s fastest growing type of waste. Become a part of the Cammunity sharing economy so you can keep creativity green.


You create

Whether you’re a bright-eyed film student or a grizzled veteran of the TV industry, access to resources should be available for everyone who wants to follow their passion, whether they’re a job seeker, job lister, landlord, lender or renter!


Who we are

Cammunity is a growing team, based in the heart of the capital.

Our goal? To create opportunities and open doors for our members. We want to give you the tools you need to craft your content… giving the world more of the media we all love.

What we do

Cammunity is all about helping creatives to create.

Whether you’re a new director looking to become the next Tarantino, a freelance photographer building your portfolio, or a veteran filmmaker getting ready for your next Heineken ad, you’ll find the equipment and the people you need in the same place.

Why we do it

We believe that creatives everywhere - be they filmmakers, photographers, or sound recordists - should be able to fulfill their passion, unhindered by pricey equipment or trouble finding opportunities locally.

That’s why we’re passionate about making the experience as easy as possible for those behind the content.